Dangerous trend of THC-infused candies prompts warning from law enforcement

Published: Apr. 20, 2021 at 7:01 PM EDT
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AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) - We’re following up after the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office seized these gummies during a local traffic stop.

While they look like your average Sour Patch Kids and gummy worms, if you take a closer look you’ll see they’re infused with marijuana. The discovery now has deputies warning parents to keep a close eye on the candy their kids are eating.

It’s a warning we’ve seen three times in the last week from different law enforcement agencies across the two-state region. School officials and other law enforcement agencies say that it’s not a big issue in our community right now, but that can change at any time.

Stoner Patch Kids, Doweedos, Trips Ahoy. Sure they may be clever names, but law enforcement says it’s a dangerous trend.

“These packages that we’ve intercepted look just like a candy that you would buy out of a grocery store,” Aiken Public Safety Detective Jason Griffin.

He says that they’ve found these THC-infused candies during traffic stops and while serving search warrants.

“We’ve seen it, but not anything recent here in the city limits of Aiken. But, we have seen it,” he said. “We’ve also seen it here in the city in mail-in packages coming from another state.”

A Columbia County narcotics investigator said that parents of high schoolers are the only ones who should be concerned. These products are expensive and must be trafficked across state lines.

Each of our large districts in Aiken, Columbia, and Richmond counties, haven’t found any of these drugs on school grounds. But a school in Lancaster County, South Carolina found an Uncrustable PB&J laced with THC from marijuana.

“We do believe it’s a concern, not only for parents to look out for but for their children,” he said.

Officials say you should keep an eye on your kids and make sure you actually read what’s on those candies in disguise.

For more information on these THC edibles, you can visit the American Addition Center website.

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